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Favourite Sites

by Ashton & Zara

Plastic Cleanup

The Interceptor - Aims to have 1000 floating collectors in the most polluted rivers in the world by 2025. These contribute 80% of the plastics that pours into the oceans every year.

Organisation that gives plastic a value and creates work doing plastic cleanup in the countries in the world that need it the most. They also sell various grades of plastic to organisation for a range of potential products. Please inform producers that they can switch from new plastics (needing more oil) to recycled that comes out of mountains of rubbish, clogged rivers and congested seas.

Great example of a product used by the Plastic Bank, and each high quality water bottle helps remove 1,000 bottles from the sea.

Trees and cleaner air

This is a fantastic, free search engine that can enable you to plant more trees around the world with every click. Their site shows you how to setup the page on all your devices as the default.

Coral reefs

This is an excellent resource site to learn about the 40+ projects that the Australian government has reviewed to help solve the bleaching effect of the Great Barrier Reef.

Sponge Cities

This World Economic Forum video is an excellent visual tour of Sponge Cities, and introduces the architect behind this urban renewal vision for future cities.

Future foods

A US-based company that has several successful pilots running near NYC.

Spirulina Grow Co. has good information about the benefits of spirulina and how to grow it at home. There are other companies that supplies starters that will ship to the UK (we bought ours from Sweden just before lockdown).

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