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The following list is a recommendation of key books, articles, videos and podcasts from various perspectives that are helping to shape the vision for a global ReThink in Education. 


"The Fourth Education Revolution"

by Anthony Seldon  

An excellent big picture overview that explains that we are in the midst of revolutionary changes in Education not seen since the dawn of the printing press.

"Natural Born Learners" by Alex Beard

This book follows the author around the world as he discovers innovative educational projects and schools, while uncovering the many ways that learning takes place.

"Rethinking Education"

by Adam Unwin and John Yandell

A little book that packs a strong punch. The authors give a 'no nonsense' case for why we need to rethink education, though they don't explore the how.

"Enquiry and Project Based Learning" 

by Prof. David Leat

As Head of Curriculum Innovation at Newcastle University, the author has written the definitive textbook for project-based learning (PBL). This book clearly outlines all aspects of PBL, and reveals the challenges of adopting this pedagogy in the current educational system.

"Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age"

by Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss

A complete PBL 'owners manual'full of practical ideas and activities to support anyone wanting to use PBL in the classroom or for homeschooling.

"The Montessori Method" by Maria Montessori

A timeless masterpiece of her educational theories and pedagogical approach that has been the foundation of all Montessori Schools. Many gems about how children learn best based on her many years of educational research.

"Project-Based Homeschooling"

by Lori Pickart

A compact little guide to how PBL can be used in a homeschool setting. Written from the authors personal experience with many gems inside.

"The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education"

by Susan Wise Bauer

A complete reference guide for home- schooling families who want to ensure their children learn core materials that are the foundation of a well-rounded education.

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