A series of dialogues exploring the 'elephant in the classroom'

Welcome to ReThinking Education - articles and resources that investigate some of the biggest problems facing 21st century education in its broadest sense, not just within the classroom. Many voices are in the midst of rethinking how Learning can be achieved - ushering the start of what could be the biggest transition in education since the Industrial Revolution. This process is currently being accelerated by an unpredictable, global pandemic that also is also affecting where children learn. 


How can we improve the educational experience with new technologies, innovative pedagogies and volumes of exponentially increasing educational content? We need to go back to the drawing board to first redefine Learning, which means including core life skills our children will need for this rapidly-changing world, and figure out the best way to develop them with the educational tools we have and/or need. For that we need to explore theories old & new, and take lessons from innovative education experiments around the globe. This is the time to rethink what Learning is really about.

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Expanding our definition of 'successful Learning' should include important life skills that our children will need in order to thrive:

Creativity   Problem-solving    Confidence    Communication    Resilience


Collaboration    Self-motivation    Adaptability   Innovation    Focus    Citizenship  

Organisation    Responsibility    Professionalism    Leadership    Conflict Resolution  


Social & Emotional Intelligence       Time Management

ReThinking Education by Diahann Hughes Hawkins 2020
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